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    Peggy analyzes a recent report with some outrageous forms of distracted driving, and offers some tips on how not to be distracted while driving.

    Featuring: Peggy Smedley, editorial director

    04.14.15 | Segment 1 | comment

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    Joel Feldman, founder of the Casey Feldman Organization and EndDD.org, tells Peggy about what his organization has done since losing his daughter Casey in a distracted driving accident

    Featuring: Joel Feldman, Casey Feldman Organization and EndDD.org

    04.14.15 | segment 2 | comment

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    The number of deaths due to distracted drivers continues to increase. As a result, Mike Kellenyi, president, People Against Distracted Driving, shares his personal story since the loss of his daughter, Nikki three years ago in a tragic distracted-driving incident. Kellenyi says incentivizing teens to not drive while distracted is better than prohibiting them.

    Featuring: Mike Kellenyi, People Against Distracted Driving

    04.14.15 | segment 3 | comment

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    There has been a huge amount of hype surrounding the Apple Watch and it is anticipated to be a best seller. Peggy raises the question of how will law enforcement regulate wearables in relation to distracted driving?

    Featuring: Peggy Smedley, editorial director

    04.14.15 | segment 4 | comment


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John Kestner | Cofounder, Supermechanical
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Lisa Shaw | Senior Director, Child Internet Safety and Protection, SpectorSoft
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